Luthier's Desk

This is about a guitar named Casper.

Every once in a while, a build happens that teaches many lessons along the way.

This build was inspired in part by the Can you buy diflucan over the counter

and was one of many of our guitars played at a Luthiers showcase consert at Canada drugs united coupon on Sunday Nov. 1st 2015

Casper is a Flat-top acoustic guitar with a design that is optimized to work with a tailpiece.

Its wedged body design is made of spalted myrtle wood and has a cedar top..

Every stringed instrument I build is a learning experience. Building a flat-top guitar designed to work with a tailpiece seemed a worthy endeavor because of the experimental opportunities it creates. The fact that a tailpiece takes on the tension stresses of the strings diverting it away from the bridge, creates a very different scenario from the more usual fixed bridge. The tailpiece allows the guitar to be strung up before details of the bridge system are finalized. Bridge size, shape, material and position can all be optimized for best tone and transfer of string vibration to the top. Having the opportunity to switch-out bridge configurations and hear the results are crucial for honing-in on the best tone for this guitar.

Also helping in the experimental process was the adjustable neck joint. Besides being one of the most important advancements in handmade acoustic guitars, the adjustable neck joint made changing bridges and saddles a snap.

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