The Music Bands

Q.E.D. 1987-1989

Q.E.D. is likely one of the most creative groups I have played with in my musical career. What started as a bunch of Sunday afternoon jam sessions, turned into a funky power trio with a twisted sense of humor. The music ideas seemed to flow freely with this group of people. Although the band seemed to fall apart as quickly as it came together, the few years we were a “band” seemed the most creative I have experienced. I am proud to say I played music with these two people. Lonny Cormier and David Parillo helped to steer me in some new directions and gave definition and clarity to my own music compositions. Not to mention, we always seemed to be having way too much fun. Below you will find songs and rehearsal fragments spawn from homemade recordings of QED. Although not of the finest sound quality, the character of a typical QED session comes through.

The following sound files are in Mp3 format.

I am trusting you to get in touch with me if you are interested in using any music from this site for any other purpose than listening from your computer. All of the music available here was composed by me and my comrades and I would appreciate your respect of this music as you would any copyrighted material.

Thank you and Enjoy.

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