Jim Henry's 12 String Electric

It was a pleasure to work with Jim Henry on this project.

The plan was to design and build Jim an instrument that would be useful for his current performance schedule and hopefully, provide him with another option of sound for his usual arsenal of instrument choices.

Having made some heavy electric guitars in the past, I desided to cut down weight by making the body one big chamber. The hope was to also give the instrument a bit of an acoustic sound as well.
Here is a close-up of the bridge set-up with it's bone saddle. Also, you get a good look at the curly Anigre top wood.

Here is a Quote from an e-mail from Jim Henry;
"It is awesome! I wanted to make sure to write you and tell you that you have totally surpassed all expectations. It is a vision, a thing of beauty, an axe worthy of Thor himself. Thank you soooo much."
More later, James

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